BSA GP Victor B44

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 The Register

CDE 62 engine in a works frame with no number   Stanley Rayner, UK

B44 101                                                                   Stanley Rayner, UK

B44 104/B44B 4213 VS                                           Bob Miff Smith

B44 122 / B44165   (sandcast cases)                      USA

B44 128/ B44161   (sandcast cases)     2016          Mike Wadsworth (prev. Peter Magowan, Keith Canning,John Sims)

B44 132                                                                     Blackie Holden

B44 137/B44 127  new oil tank by Mojo 11/13          Peter Allen

B44 141                                                                     Nigel Parr, NZ

(B44 142 ??? There is an unstamped frame with the engine despatched  in this frame)

B44 164 engine / 1967 Rickman frame   2023          David Bailey, Cheshire, UK

B44 172                                                                     in Italy unknown owner also owns B44 1825

B44 176/B442753  Engine change                           J.D.Harris (Nov 2021 Long term owner)

B44 200 /B44B1345                          2002                Ad Groffen N.L.

B44 204   See B44 230 (One bike two numbers)

B44 210 / 158                                                            Soren Kragelund   

B44 216 /CDE                                                           Mike Wadsworth

B44 217 /142                                     2009              In Guillaume’s Collection Sant Hilari, Spain

B44 219 /216  Acquired                     1986              Bill Archer,  Totally original still racing in pre-65. Acquired from works rider

B44 227/CD92                                                         Andrew Breadon, N.I.

B44 230  With 250 engine                                       1966 Scottish Six Days Trial winner Alan "Sid" Lampkin, the bike is owned by Alan Lampkin                                                                                         Registration 748 MOE and was at the Classic Dirtbike Show 2016. Also stamped B44 204

B44 231 / Unstamped engine                                  Nick Crowther - previously for sale ebay 12/2016 Frame/tank/front wheel/footrests/brake                                                                                             pedal/forks-ok Sold £2850

B44 236/C155FR174                       2003                Peter Strong  - Bike built by Eric Cheney

B44 237 /CDE 90                                                     Jerry Rewerts, Iowa

B44 237 / B44 125                           2019                Ray Morriss

B44 238 / B44 145                                                    Andrew Bartleet

B44 240 /JD00356B44JS                                         Richard Ellis

B44 241                                                                    Jamie Orchard

B44 245/ B44 213                                                     Kent Fogelberg

B44 246/ B44 GP 330                                               Withdrawn from auction 2012- history being researched

B44 247                                           2008                  Ben Gingold

B44 261/B44 627                             2018                  Ralf Neumeyer

B44 267/ B44B 984 motor               2023                  UK auction  unknown buyer approx $ 8285  non stock forks, wheels & swing arm      

B44 277 / 144                                                            Aad Otte

B44 285                                                                     Chris Carlson

B44 10?4                                                                   Unsold on ebay Sept 2013 £3500. Very original

B44 1063                                                                   Jonnie Wallis

B44 1185                                          2015                 John Howker

B44 1223                                          2009                 Bob Holden

B44 1224/1224                                 2009                 Scott Ryan (listed Dec 2023 on for sale at $ 20,000)

B44 1250/1250                                 2023                 Alexander Ganson, MD, USA

B44 1300/2186  2011                                                Ashley Briggs

B44 1498/1498                                 2018                Peter Quick, NH, USA, originally owned by California racer Chuck Minert

B44 1343 B44EA426  motor                                     AJS Stormer front end ,restored - shiny

B44 1501                                          2016                Helmut Sohlbach (Prof)     Cerianis fitted (has originals)

B44 1508  Unknown engine stamp B44 GP 1508     For sale 12/16 Somewhere in Europe

B44 1510                                          2012                 Andrew Jones

B44 1527                                          2016                 Martin Tuer

B44 1720 /1720                                                         Ian Ferguson

B44 1825                                          2010                 Friend of Carlo Bondi (sold Jan 2011 - also owns B44 172)

B44 1830/B44R 2407                       2016                 was for sale @ Bonhams has "works" head and barrel and late mag forks.

B44 1983                                          2003                 Carl Rushton

B44 1983  BUT looks like an Enduro  2004               Peter Charlton

B44 2009/B44 2009                         2016                  Rupert Ratio     Previous plating removed by S&T. Repaired and new oil tank.

B44 2045/ 2045                                2016                 Eric Pomarez  - France  (has square barrel and head but not for long)

B44 2046/B44 2693                                                   Steven Mee (USA)

B44 2189                                          2008                 Scott Baker

B44 2147 Crankcases only                                       Rupert Ratio

B44 2241                                           2009                Mike Wadsworth 

B44 2242 Engine only                       1989                Ian Ballard owner since 1989 to be built into a nice Jim Susan Replica frame

B44 2243                                           2016                Mike's Classics (Austrlia) for sale ebay $7500

B44 2248                                                                   Alan Millar

B44 2272                                           2010                advertised on ebay uk in York – sold for £1855 incomplete – no oil tank,airbox

B44 2281                                           2008                Charlie Affel, Wyndmoor, PA USA

B44 2368                                           2016                Paul Shoen, Gardnerville, NV USA

B44 2403                                           2017                Pat Hanlon, Hill County Motorheads, Burnet, TX 

B44 2404                                           2004                Bill Milburn

B44 2405                                           2014                Andrew Astley Wirral

B44 2501                                                                   Jamie van Eizenga, Holland

B44 2502/2502                                  2017                Greg Ervin USA,   perfect standard bike

B44 2536                                                                   Sold $13000 Las Vegas Jan 2013 Tidy, original bike

B44 2595                                            2004               Phil Kuykendall

B44 2660/2660                                   2016               Peter Quick, NH USA

B44 2623                                            1974               Greg Walker N.Z. had it for over 40 years

B44 2629/C1 frame                            2018               Peter Quick, NH, USA     

B44 2634                                                                   Mecum Auction 2016 from Michael Shoen Collection (Restored)

B44 2638  with sq barrel motor           2014              somewhere in USA                                        

B44 2649    Frame only on  eBay        2014              selling by G & M Bredimus Luxembourg at £2270 

B44 2656/2656                                                          M.Everatt, Toronto, ON Canada   owned since mid 1960's

B44 2684                                              2018             Peter Quick, NH, USA

B44 2685                                              2011             Dominique Pichon, France

B44 2702                                                                   sold at Bonhams 24/4/2011 £5520 (previously in private collection)

B44 2705                                              2013             Stefan Stutz, Switzerland, original except for Ceriani forks

B44 2710                                              2016             Bruno Caullier

B44 2711                                              1984             Terry Doman  Bike retired 1998 Has Ceriani type front end

B44 2712                                                                   sold at Bonhams 2008

B44 2721                                              2013             $15000 sold on eBay, one of batch of 13 supplied with electronic ignition for a race that never                                                                                    took place, totally original

B44 2729                                                                  Ulf Envall

B44 2733                                                                  Michael .J. Reilly

B44 2745                                                                  Leonard Angerer

B44 2751/2589                                                         Alan Lampkin (For sale March 2020)

B44 2751 Motor in Cheney frame      2018              Ray Weekes

B44 2750                                                                  Unsold $4500 Las Vegas Sept 2013 Nice original bike

B44 2756, Engine B44 2272                                    Neville Clegg,  Bought off ebay (York)

B44 2757                                            2010              on ebay from long storage in Santa Clara California 

B44 2760/2760                                   1999               Harris Turner USA

B44 2761/2761                                                          Barry Porter, Santa Cruz, CA Ceriani front end / still being raced  /converted to ISDT spec

B44 2766                                                                   Kane Franklin  

B44 2771                                            2010               Michael J. Ritzker, Canada,  without correct front end.

B44 2774  with B44E motor                2022               Peter Quick NH, USA  (prev. Dick Mann then to Carl Donelson)

B44 549 Crankcases only                                          for sale ebay 2009-11-23

Queries, anomalies and questions. (some interesting points that arise over time)

B44 Unstamped                                                          Frank Allinson  This bike has engine number B44 180 which was despatched in frame B44                                                                                          142. The engine has sandcast cases.

Engine number B44 104 is in Brisbane, Australia in Cheney #61

Genuine GP frame - unstamped gusset , but EA 1870 stamped on forging    Peter Du Pratte U.S.A.

For example two members with the same frame number; a frame number that does not appear in the despatch records or an unstamped frame. All these cases have arisen. Add in that some replica frames have been made and some road frames have been modified to look like a GP. The custodian of the register (Peter Quick) is here to record not judge these interesting historical stories. It is fairly obvious whether the frame is genuine if you know what to look for. 

Engine number B44 184 appeared on ebay Nov 2017. Has been modified to take a magneto driven off camshaft.Platform welded on front engine mount; roller bearing replaces camshaft bush.

Works Frames 

UL3  ex-Jeff Smith ex-Vic Vaughan                                            From 2016 in a Private collection Paris, France

Unstamped UL series - post UL3                                               Mike Wadsworth (aquired 2015)

CD 92  Same series of lightweight pre-B50 type - 1" lowered used for road racing by Graham Horne - one of two or three, one of the others being made for Vic Eastwood . Owned since 1982 by Martin Smith and still being raced 2016.

B44 204/130 Alan Lampkin's SSDT winning C15 powered works special owned by Alan Lampkin 2016.

The two pictures above are of the swinging arm arrangements of the 1967 frames which used the B50 type chain adjustment cams