BSA GP Victor B44

This site is for people who love, admire, want, are curious about or are just interested in the BSA GP VICTOR motorcycle

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This site is for people who love, admire, want, are curious about or are just interested in the BSA GP VICTOR motorcycle, a British scrambles bike built in 1965 and 1966, replicas of a machine used by Jeff Smith to win the World 500cc Moto-Cross Championship in 1964 and 1965.In all 468 GPs were built over the period summer 1965 to autumn 1966. Over a third of the bikes went to continental europe and about a hundred to the Americas. Jeff Smith says 500 were built . ( He signed the tanks for £1 each and received £500). The Register currently contains the names of over 80 Custodians of GPs gathered over the last 10 years or so - there is no fee or other obligation other than to enjoy a lovely little piece of engineering from a moment in time when a lot of threads were drawn together to make what is virtually a works replica bike.

  • What do you have? Why not join the Register - just email me   with frame and engine number- there is no cost involved. I don't store or display any details other than what is shown plus your email address which is for my use only.
  • Do you know the history and whereabouts of the works Victors; the whereabouts of the titanium bikes?  Wouldn't it be good to see them from time to time. If anyone has knowledge for example of magnesium parts, frames with an extra lug, steel re-inforced rear lugs, crankcases stamped CD or CDE please let me know.I am interested in any bits for sale.
  • I have one of the original 67/68 factory frames - chain adjustment at the front of the swinging arm; fore-runner of the B50 frame. It is hoped to build this into a complete bike if I can find enough bits ;I still need yokes (I managed to aquire a pear-shaped engine and a pair of magnesium fork sliders which accept B50 stanchions) - I promise to show this bike - not hide it. Vic Vaughan has just completed his similar bike used in the 1966 World Championship  and it has now been sold to a museum in Paris. There were 9 built originally. There is one in the National Motorcycle Museum, Vic's bike in Paris, my bike, one in the Isle of Man, another I am in contact with, one I just missed to aquire a few years back- making 6 - so, 3 to find plus the GPs the factory used when they didn't have enough ultra lightweights to go around.
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  •  Airboxes are back in production and are available - cost £250 complete with original paper air-filters - I can vary the position of the air intake for different engines.
  • Seats will be available soon - cost £150 plus postage - comes complete with bracing plates and securing nuts.
  • I am experimenting with a more comfortable seat for those who ride seriously - e-mail me if you want one.
  • SOLD OUT of seats and airboxes - am making more Jan 2020. I have front brake bosses.
  • There is news on the "works bike" section of titanium bikes. Titan Number 1 is alive and well. New pics added 20th Nov 2019.